Duchess Boutique Hotel

Our Story

The Duchess Boutique Hotel was born from the working studio of interior and fashion designer Luca Ranfagni. With a degree from the Art Institute of Florence, Ranfagni has over 25 years experience in the interior and fashion design industry and has worked with famous brands such as Cucinelli and Prada. Ranfagni has a passion for travel and has experienced and collected from many cultures around the world.

After an unfortunate accident in 2012 that left Ranfagni on bed rest for several months, he decided to re-design his life and dreamed of transforming his Tuscan farmhouse into a luxury boutique hotel. Originally built and owned by the noble Stozzi family of the Renaissance, this house has a renewed identity as one of the most beautiful accommodations for tourists visiting Florence, Italy. 

Ranfagni’s mission for the creation of the Duchess Boutique Hotel is to combine comfort and luxury experience with high quality hospitality. From his travels, he was especially influenced by the hospitality of many other cultures and he has curated our environment based off of the best that he has seen on his travels. In addition to this, you will find many beautiful pieces, curated from his personal travel collection as style accents and inspirations in our rooms.